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Are you the Fastest 5km runner?

Each year in 2013 & 2014, Race Timing Unlimited timed 42 5km races, in 2015 we timed 36 5km races, in 2016 we timed 34 5km races, in 2017 we timed 32 5km races and will time about the same number in 2018. We do not manage all of these races. Nor can we guarantee the quality or distances of these events, "it's like a box of chocolates". The Kings and Queens of the 5km will be crowned as the fastest 5km runners in the races we time.

How to Register for the Series?

Nothing special. Just run a 5km or 3 Mile race timed by Race Timing Unlimited and your race finishes and times will be tracked. Make sure you register with the same name and date of birth for each race

What Races are included?

Any 5km or 3 mile race that Race Timing Unlimited times between Jan 1, 2018 and Dec 31, 2018.

Races must be open to the general public. So, High School Cross Country and private races are not included.

Races must be a stand alone race and not the leg of a multi-sport event or relay.

Our race schedule is published at and a race may be added at anytime.

How to Qualify for an Award?

You must complete at least 6 races and only your highest scoring 6 races are included in the standings. With over 30 races in the series, you will have many opportunities to compete.

How to Score Points?

Males are competing against males. Females are competing against females. The first male finisher in a race will score 1000 points. Each subsequent male finisher will score 2 points less than the previous male finisher. After the 499th male finisher, the remaining male finishers will score 2 points. The same process is used for female finishers.

Is Personal Time or Gun Time used?

Points are scored based on gun time and place.

When available, times for tiebreakers will use personal times. Otherwise, gun times will be used.

What happens with an Erroneous Course?

Since Race Timing Unlimited is not the race directors of most of the races, a course may be either mismeasured, mismarked or misrun.

In the case that RTU judges the course to be materially short, times will not be used for tiebreakers. However, points scored will still be used for standings.

In the case where the course is long, times and points scored will be used.

How to Win an Award?

The total of your best 6 race scores are added together for your series score. The runner with the highest score in each category wins.

What are the Tie Breakers?

With so many races and only your best 6 race scores count, there are many chances for ties.

When 2 people are tied

Step 1) Heads up record
Step 2) Average time in fastest 6 races
Step 3) Average time in heads up races
Step 3) Fastest Race Time

When more than 2 people are tied

If after a step is analyzed only 2 people remain in contention, revert back to the 2 people tie breaker
Step 1) Heads up record in races where all people in contention finished
Step 2) Average time in fastest 6 races
Step 3) Average time in races where all people in contention finished
Step 4) Fastest Race Time

What are the Award Categories?

Each Category will have a Male and Female Sub Category. Categories are: Open, 14 and under, 15 to 19, 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60 to 69, 70 and over. Age on Dec 31, 2018 will be used to determine age groups.

What are the Awards?

Besides bragging rights, something to acknowledge your achievment.

Are there series awards?

We do have special awards for chronic runners

Performance shirt for any runner finishing 100 km of races in a calendar year.

Sweatshirt for any runner finishing 500 km of races in a 4 consecutive calendar year time span.

Collared performance shirt for any runner finishing 1000 km of races in a 6 consecutive calendar year time span.

When and where are Standings posted?

Right after race results have been posted, standings will be updated and posted with a link at the top of this page. To be listed, a runner must have finished at least 4 races.

Listing will have standings for each Category with tiebreaker logic and sequenced by average score. Each runners line will have place, runner name, number of races finished, average score, best finish time, best 6 average finish time, races finished.

Missed in the Race Results?

You are responsible to verify you are on race results listing within 7 days of the race and the race is included in your standing data. Report any issues in the form below. If you need to be inserted in to the results, you will score 2 points less than the runner than finished just before you. Even if this means the place will be duplicated.

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